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Moving Announcement

Home Sweet Home! The time has finally come! We are in the midst of building our house, and we couldn’t be happier! If you know me, it would come as no surprise that I have already ordered  our moving announcements for our new home… even though we aren’t living there yet! I wanted the moving announcement card to be just as special as our home and as meaningful as the story that led us to where we are today…

As many of you know, Rob and I have been living in Minneapolis for several years in an apartment with a view of downtown Minneapolis. It has always been a dream of ours to own someday. This last June, we made the leap to search for our future home. We began looking at existing houses  for sale, but we never felt as though it was HOME. Rob and I would walk through and love parts of each home, but it never was perfect for us. I will be honest.. I was pretty impatient during the process of the search. Rob, however, wouldn’t settle for anything other than what was right for us. (thanks, Rob!!) During our search we saw a piece of land in a new development and envisioned our place there; our future home. It all felt right! After a few weeks of praying, asking for wisdom and checking the finances one more time, we decided to say YES together to signing the papers for our forever home. We were going to BUILD our first home together!

Rob and I spent an afternoon in July picking out everything from the counter tops to the flooring. We chose mostly natural earth tones with classic details to give our house a timeless appearance. Rob not only picked out the exterior of our home, but also the fireplace finishes. He proved to be quite the interior designer!

We are now at the halfway point of the build, and we regularly visit the home to check up on the progress. As of now, we are projected to move in by the beginning of December! Once we move into our home, Rob and I are most excited to host friends and family. Our moving announcements were really important to us because they represent our story, and the importance this new home is to the Mahlum family.

I was really excited to work with Basic Invite to create personalized moving announcements to send to all of our friends and family that truly represented us. I loved that there were unlimited color options, and that I was able to order a print sample before ordering my set of cards. The cherry on top for me was adding gold foil on our moving announcement cards to add a perfect touch!

Click here to see all of the beautiful styles that Basic Invite has to offer (not to mention personalized cards for every other celebration!). Be sure to use the code 15FF51 for 15% off your entire order!!

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Jord Custom Timepiece

The Sophisticated Jord Sier Arcadia Timepiece

I am so excited to share my newest piece in my watch collection! I recently selected the Sier Arcadia watch from Jord because I was so impressed with the craftsmanship, style and quality of each watch. The materials used in each watch at Jord is natural, like acacia and bamboo wood and sapphire glass. The best part? Each time piece is custom made for YOU! The watch size is measured perfectly for your wrist, and there is opportunity to engrave a special message on your watch.

I selected the Sier Acadia watch in the silver and marble stone combination, but I can’t deny that I LOVED the gold and sodalite option as well! After receiving my timepiece, I was so impressed with the quality of the entire watch. It is durable enough to withstand a day of teaching first grade, but elegant enough to wear on a date night. I couldn’t be happier with the watch, and how versatile it is!

I love my Jord Sier Arcadia so much, that I decided to partner with Jord to give YOU the chance to win $100 towards your own watch!! That could be a FREE Apple Band, a FREE Arcadia watch or $100 towards your custom timepiece!

Click Here to Enter to Win $100 Towards Your Timepiece!!

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Style Guides: 1 Year Birthday

WOW! I am so speechless as I write these words and reflect on this last year with the Jasmine Elizabeth Blog. I remember feeling so nervous last summer as I walked into a realm of uncertainty, and I unveiled this blog that I had created from scratch (with a lot of help from Youtube). 🙂 I want to share with you a little bit more about WHY I started this blog, and how it has led me to my big announcement today.

Serving others and loving on people are in my DNA. My family instilled the importance of encouraging others, and helping them see their value. As an adult, I have loved opportunities to support other women. When I started the Jasmine Elizabeth Blog, I had the idea of helping other women feel their best in what they wear. As women, we can shine our brightest when we feel our best. That can include how we present ourselves outwardly.

This last year, the Jasmine Elizabeth Style Blog has been a wonderful way for me to inspire your wardrobe. I have loved styling pieces that most women have in their closet, to encourage you to wear what you already have in new ways. I also have loved showing you new trendy pieces to incorporate into your daily outfits. Sharing these pieces from new local boutiques and brands that have female owners has made me feel like I’m really helping connect you with the community around you.

This blog has been such a blessing to me in the sense that I have been able to connect with other women, support women and encourage others to feel and look their best. But the one thing I have been missing is truly being able to help style women individually; teaching them how to pair the perfect outfit for their perfect body. 

So what’s the big announcement? And how does it connect to my dream?

Today, I am officially introducing Styles Guides to the Jasmine Elizabeth Style Blog.

A Style Guide is created specifically for you, with a custom selection of pieces hand-selected by Jasmine Elizabeth. Whether you need outfit inspiration for a special event, a travel wardrobe for your upcoming honeymoon or just a few pieces to incorporate into your wardrobe, a Style Guide will meet all of your needs. Each Style Guide will include the perfect color palette for your skin tone, style tips for your body type and perfect pieces picked out for you by Jasmine! (Did I mention that there will be shoppable links to each piece?!) Your Guide will be completely online, so you can take it with you wherever you go! When your Style Guide is complete, you will receive a custom, secret link to your own page on the Jasmine Elizabeth Style Blog! These Style Guides will allow me to help you not only find perfect pieces just for you, but also teach you how to feel your best in what you wear everyday.

Here is what you will receive with your unique Style Guide:

  • A custom, secret link to your own page on the Jasmine Elizabeth Style Website (only you can see it, unless you’d like to share it with others!)
  • Custom Style Tips for your body type and skin tone
  • 3-5 Complete Outfit Options (including jewelry, shoes and accessories)
  • A Style Collection (with a variety of pieces to mix and match)

To create the perfect Style Guide for you, I start with a 10-minute survey that tells me about your style, your body type and what you’re looking for. Within 48 hours, I will reach out to you to ask any clarifying questions and give you a timeline for when to expect your Style Guide. If you are interested in getting your very own Style Guide, please go to the “Style Guide” tab and fill out the survey to get started!

As I wrap up this first year with the Jasmine Elizabeth Style Blog, I mostly want to THANK YOU for all of your ongoing support and encouragement. I have been so blessed to meet so many incredible people on this journey, and I am eternally grateful that I get another year of creating, sharing and encouraging other women!

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Spring Trends

Spring is officially here, and so is the sun! There are so many spring and summer trends that have my giddy, and I’m here to share my top 3 favorite spring trends! Put all three spring trends together for an amazing spring or summer outfit!

Statement Purses

If you haven’t noticed, having a statement purse has definitely come back in trend for the warm summer months. Woven bags and bamboo purses are just the start! I have linked some of my favorite trend-setting pieces from backpacks to clutches!

Eyelet Details

Eyelet fabric has a whimsical and classic pattern that is perfect for creating breezy spring and summer dresses, rompers and tops. Eyelet details are so romantic, and have me swooning over all of these pieces!


I am such a huge fan of espadrilles, and SO excited that the weather is nice enough to wear them again! Wedge espadrilles are my favorite… I wear this spring trend almost everyday!

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What Happens in Vegas, Doesn’t Stay in Vegas

Why don’t the most exciting things that happen in Vegas, stay in Vegas?? Well, because I’m here to share them with you! I was lucky enough to spend my spring break (as a teacher) relaxing and playing for a week in Las Vegas with my hubby. It was exactly what the doctor ordered! We were excited to spend time by the pool and relax, but we had never ventured out to explore what Las Vegas had to offer. I knew I could count on Melissa from MLJ Vacay to help us plan the perfect itinerary for our trip… and oh, was it SO PERFECT!

Las Vegas has always been on our travel bucket list. When I thought about planning our extended weekend stay, I got a pit in my stomach. Planning out our itinerary in a city I have never visited gave me slight anxiety. That was when I knew I needed to reach out to the best travel planner I know- MLJ Vacay.

Melissa is a Minneapolis-based vacation planner that not only has the best-kept secrets of solo traveling (ok, she shares her secrets!), but also creates unique and personalized itineraries for every type of vacation. After reaching out to Melissa in a tizzy, she quickly calmed my spirits by assuring me that my vacation to Las Vegas would all be planned in no time! My husband and I knew we wanted to spend some time in the sunshine by the pool, but wanted Melissa to take care of our weekend plans. Melissa sent over a questionnaire that asked us specific questions about our preferences in food and activities to help make the perfect plan for us. We let Melissa know that we wanted to be as busy as possible, and let her know the vibe of the type of activities we liked. Within a few days, we had an amazing itinerary in our hands- with reservations already made!! As I looked over the itinerary, it was as if I had planned the vacation, but BETTER!!! My husband couldn’t believe how spot-on the plans were, and we both went into our trip with a huge weight lifted off of our shoulders.

Some of my favorite things that Melissa planned for us:

  • The Neon Museum: An amazing piece of the history and transformation of Las Vegas. This museum is a cemetery for all retired neon signs.
  • The High Roller: An observation wheel with 360 degree views of downtown Vegas. Pay a little extra for an open-bar experience!
  • The Seven Magic Mountains: This free experience boasts 7 colorful boulders in the middle of the desert. It’s Insta-heaven!

I would HIGHLY recommend using Melissa’s amazing planning services from MLJ Vacay. Whether you are looking forward to a bachelorette party, a stay-cation, or a once in a lifetime trip to Europe, MLJ Vacay has you covered! Get $35 off your planning services (of $200 or more) with code JASMINE35. Happy traveling!

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