Jord Custom Timepiece

Jord Custom Timepiece

The Sophisticated Jord Sier Arcadia Timepiece

I am so excited to share my newest piece in my watch collection! I recently selected the Sier Arcadia watch from Jord because I was so impressed with the craftsmanship, style and quality of each watch. The materials used in each watch at Jord is natural, like acacia and bamboo wood and sapphire glass. The best part? Each time piece is custom made for YOU! The watch size is measured perfectly for your wrist, and there is opportunity to engrave a special message on your watch.

I selected the Sier Acadia watch in the silver and marble stone combination, but I can’t deny that I LOVED the gold and sodalite option as well! After receiving my timepiece, I was so impressed with the quality of the entire watch. It is durable enough to withstand a day of teaching first grade, but elegant enough to wear on a date night. I couldn’t be happier with the watch, and how versatile it is!

I love my Jord Sier Arcadia so much, that I decided to partner with Jord to give YOU the chance to win $100 towards your own watch!! That could be a FREE Apple Band, a FREE Arcadia watch or $100 towards your custom timepiece!

Click Here to Enter to Win $100 Towards Your Timepiece!!

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