Sarah’s Style Guide

Hey girl! You are in for a treat!

Welcome to your personalized Style Guide! Each piece has been picked out just for you! This curated vacation wardrobe is perfect for mixing and matching, and will be perfect for your body type, skin tone and style preference. You will not only feel great in these pieces, but you’ll also look incredible! Get ready to turn heads and be the spotlight of the room!

Your Perfect Shape

You have what I call the “Triangle” body shape, which is also famously known as the “Pear” shape. Although we all can sometimes struggle to wear clothing that fits our body types best, have no fear! With these simple tips in mind, your clothing will fit well and feel amazing.

What defines the Triangle body type:

– Narrow Shoulders

– Wide Hips

– Small Waist 

Jasmine Elizabeth Style Tips:

  • Wear clothing that will balance out the top of your body to match your lower half. Add volume to your upper body by wearing tops with more volume with ruffles, cap sleeves, structured jackets or off-the-shoulder tops.
  • Draw eyes upward by wearing prints on top (with neutral bottoms). By keeping the focus and attention on your upper half, your entire silhouette will appear more symmetrical.
  • Avoid leggings, tight skinny jeans, or pants that have patterns. Instead, opt for a basic, straight-leg or fitted jean. 
  • Dresses are your best friend!! Use dresses to accentuate your features. Look for off-the-shoulder or V-necks on the top to draw eyes upward.
  • Try to wear a darker color on your bottom half, and a lighter color for your top. 
  • At the end of the day, wearing what makes you feel amazing always trumps all other “rules.” If you have pieces you adore that don’t follow the prescribed tips for your body type, wear them with confidence! Confidence will always make you glow no matter what you wear!

Your Color Palette

Always reach for sky blues, cobalt blue, soft purples, emerald greens, light green tones and anything pastel. These should be the staple colors in your wardrobe; they will make you glow! Your neutrals will pair beautifully with any of these colors. 

Don’t fret, you don’t have to cancel all other colors. If you want to incorporate reds, wear a cherry red lipstick (that leans more towards blue undertones) or try a red heel! Just avoid wearing oranges or bright yellows. 

Your Perfect Getaway Wardrobe

This Style Guide was created specifically for your trip for Croatia! Any avid traveler knows that packing light is vital. The goal is to bring a few staple pieces that you can wear 2-3 different ways with pairings that won’t take up much space. I know, this seems like a big task! Don’t worry, I’ve done the creative work for you! Here are all of the pieces I have selected for you. Pick your favorites, then use them to create the outfits below.

Statement Dresses




Skirts and Shorts




Style Guide Outfits

Selecting Your Pieces

Way to go girl, you now have everything you need for your upcoming trip!! So, now what? Choose your favorite pieces off the Style Guide. Order them online for delivery (easiest option) or for pickup in store! Be sure to try on the pieces together to ensure they are the perfect fit for you! Consider trying on your sunglasses, jewelry and purse that you will be wearing to see the overall look! If any pieces don’t work, just return them or exchange them for a different size!

Thank you for using my links to purchase each piece. By clicking the link provided and purchasing online, I will earn a small commission through each brand. Using my links to shop for your pieces costs you nothing. The brands just appreciate me sending you their way, and send me a small commission for each purchase as a thank you!