Style Guides: 1 Year Birthday

Style Guides: 1 Year Birthday

WOW! I am so speechless as I write these words and reflect on this last year with the Jasmine Elizabeth Blog. I remember feeling so nervous last summer as I walked into a realm of uncertainty, and I unveiled this blog that I had created from scratch (with a lot of help from Youtube). 🙂 I want to share with you a little bit more about WHY I started this blog, and how it has led me to my big announcement today.

Serving others and loving on people are in my DNA. My family instilled the importance of encouraging others, and helping them see their value. As an adult, I have loved opportunities to support other women. When I started the Jasmine Elizabeth Blog, I had the idea of helping other women feel their best in what they wear. As women, we can shine our brightest when we feel our best. That can include how we present ourselves outwardly.

This last year, the Jasmine Elizabeth Style Blog has been a wonderful way for me to inspire your wardrobe. I have loved styling pieces that most women have in their closet, to encourage you to wear what you already have in new ways. I also have loved showing you new trendy pieces to incorporate into your daily outfits. Sharing these pieces from new local boutiques and brands that have female owners has made me feel like I’m really helping connect you with the community around you.

This blog has been such a blessing to me in the sense that I have been able to connect with other women, support women and encourage others to feel and look their best. But the one thing I have been missing is truly being able to help style women individually; teaching them how to pair the perfect outfit for their perfect body. 

So what’s the big announcement? And how does it connect to my dream?

Today, I am officially introducing Styles Guides to the Jasmine Elizabeth Style Blog.

A Style Guide is created specifically for you, with a custom selection of pieces hand-selected by Jasmine Elizabeth. Whether you need outfit inspiration for a special event, a travel wardrobe for your upcoming honeymoon or just a few pieces to incorporate into your wardrobe, a Style Guide will meet all of your needs. Each Style Guide will include the perfect color palette for your skin tone, style tips for your body type and perfect pieces picked out for you by Jasmine! (Did I mention that there will be shoppable links to each piece?!) Your Guide will be completely online, so you can take it with you wherever you go! When your Style Guide is complete, you will receive a custom, secret link to your own page on the Jasmine Elizabeth Style Blog! These Style Guides will allow me to help you not only find perfect pieces just for you, but also teach you how to feel your best in what you wear everyday.

Here is what you will receive with your unique Style Guide:

  • A custom, secret link to your own page on the Jasmine Elizabeth Style Website (only you can see it, unless you’d like to share it with others!)
  • Custom Style Tips for your body type and skin tone
  • 3-5 Complete Outfit Options (including jewelry, shoes and accessories)
  • A Style Collection (with a variety of pieces to mix and match)

To create the perfect Style Guide for you, I start with a 10-minute survey that tells me about your style, your body type and what you’re looking for. Within 48 hours, I will reach out to you to ask any clarifying questions and give you a timeline for when to expect your Style Guide. If you are interested in getting your very own Style Guide, please go to the “Style Guide” tab and fill out the survey to get started!

As I wrap up this first year with the Jasmine Elizabeth Style Blog, I mostly want to THANK YOU for all of your ongoing support and encouragement. I have been so blessed to meet so many incredible people on this journey, and I am eternally grateful that I get another year of creating, sharing and encouraging other women!

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